Endeavor Services & Programs

  • Adult Mental Health Services
    Adult Mental Health Services are based on the premise that individuals who suffer from a severe and persistent mental illness can, and do, recover through the use of treatment and psychiatric rehabilitation interventions. Individuals experiencing acute mental illness or situational difficulties utilize solution-focused therpies to achieve problem resolution.
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  • Child Mental Health Services
    The Child Mental Health Program provides a comprehensive array of community based treatment and support services to families with children and/or adolescents who have emotional and behavioral disorders. Through their involvement in services, children and adolescents strive to reach their potential while remaining in the safest available environment.
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  • Chemical Dependency Services
    Services are designed for adult and adolescent clients whose basic attachments (family, work, school, etc.) and management of daily activities is impaired through the abusive use of alcohol and/or other drugs. Services consist of counseling for individuals, families and groups, chemical dependency education, aftercare and medical evaluation, and linking with other social and community resources. Relapse prevention and other specialty groups are provided as needed.
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