Intensive Outpatient Services

Program Design

Some individuals are not able to function in an outpatient setting. This can be due to continued use or struggling with urges to use. This program is designed to help an individual function without having to go to an inpatient program. The individuals who are involved in this program attend three days per week, for three hour sessions at a time. The program is designed to run for approximately four to five weeks.

This program is located at our 1131 Broadway location and is open for all individuals who are 18 years of age and older.

What does the program entail?

Those involved in the program attend group sessions designed to build skills to achieve sobriety. These sessions focus on the immediate needs of those who are in the program who are dealing with these issues on a daily basis.

Group sessions are conducted using the Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment Model. These sessions involve practicing the skills they have learned during the sessions in order to utilize them in the community after sessions.

Individual sessions are also conducted during the course of this program in order to work on issues that clients are not able to bring up during the group sessions.


1131 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212
(716) 896-7712